Khongor Sand Dune

Khongor Els is located 763 km away to the south west of Ulaanbaatar city in Umnugobi province.

This is the biggest sand massifs in Mongolia, which covers 180km long area between Gurvan Saikhan and Nemegt Ranges belonging to Gobi Altai Range. It lies along wind flows.The sand has 965sq km area with 27 km of widest and 0.8km of most narrow. There are many clay hills and terraces with sexual-trees in west of the sand. East of the sand has much taller sand dunes with 150m relative altitudes and 25-300 inclined sides. THe tallest one has 190m relative altitude. Movement of Khongor sand makes unique noise and it’s called singing dunes by local people.

The khongor sand dune is involved in the area of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park.



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