Terelj National Park

One of Mongolia’s best national parks lies under an hour’s drive away from the capital. Terelj was founded as a park in 1994 and is located on the edge of the strictly protected zone of Khan Khentii. It’s 286,400 hectares of territory contain plenty to do for the visitor, including rafting, horseback riding, hiking and camping.

Terelj is beautiful because there is a combination of sharp mountains with granite cliffs, forest and river.

The forest cover these mountain from 1300 m absolute attitude to 2200 m and these are full of birch, cedar, pine, willow, larch and aspen as well as many different kind of wickers grow here.

For fauna, there are roe deer, brown bears, wild boars,musk deer, foxes, wolves, lynx, antelopes, sables, badgers, martens, as well as birds such as grouse, wood grouse, partridge, wood pecker and magpie etc.

The most popular, Turtle rock (Melkhii khad), which is just off the main road into the park.

This is a giant rock which is shaped like turtle naturally.

Also, there is a Buddhist meditation temple with 108 stairs and a wire brige, called temple of Aryabalo, on the north mountain from the Turtle rock.


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